ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL ROUND ROBIN TOURNAMENT Thursday June 16th & Friday June 17th Both varsity & J.V. /9th grade teams are welcome. We have 3 full-length gyms, all within one block or each other. Free food & concession for coaches. There are some local eating establishments within a few blocks of the gyms. Referees will be provided for the coaches who don’t want the $5 coaching referee payment per player per day. The coaches will referee their own games if they want the player payment. Start time: # of teams will determine start time, but like to start at 8:30 a.m. and go until we get it done! Cost: $35 DOLLARS PER PLAYER Coaches payment: $5 per player brought to the camp, for refereeing your games. Contact: Miles Thompson 580-583-6854, mthompson@elginps.net Payment: checks need to be made out to Miles Thompson We will play two 15- minute halves, with a running clock until the last minute of the 2nd half. All fouls the last minute will be 1 & 1 unless shooting. Free throws will administered like game conditions ( two shot fouls & 1 & 1). Two 30 second timeouts will be allowed per game. There is a 1 &1/2 minute half time. If we have enough teams we will have a small school/J.V. and a big school division tournament! Trophy will be given to the winning team! If enough coaches want to we will have a 2 minute tournament after the round robin tournament on the last day! Entries need to be turned in by Memorial Day May 30th. Final schedule and arrangements concerning game times and schedules will be e-mailed out ASAP. NAME OF SCHOOL________________________________________________________ COACH’S NAME__________________________________________________________ HOME & CELL PHONE NUMBERS_____________________________________________ NUMBER AND TYPE OF TEAMS_______________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND SCHEDULE __________________________________________ Thanks, Coach Miles Thompson Email: mthompson@elginps.net