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Oologah Round Robin

Oologah High School Girls Basketball Round Robin

Dear Coach, I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did. But, as you know summer will be here before we know it, so I would like to invite you to our Annual Round Robin. There will be a six games guarantee (3 per day) for your Varsity and/or Junior Varsity teams. We have 3 full-length air conditioned gyms, all within a couple of 100 yards of each other. Referees will be provided for HS/JV. Free concession and hospitality room for all coaches. Dates: June 6th-7th High School / JV Guarantee 3 games per day $300 per team ($500 for 2 Teams) Contact: Matt Sweeney @ 918-351-9821

Checks: Make checks payable to Oologah Schools

We will play two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop on all whistles the last minute of each half. All fouls in the last minute will be 1 & 1 unless shooting. Free throws will be administered just like game conditions (two shot fouls & 1&1). There will be a two-minute half time. There will be 2 time outs allowed for each game. Basketballs provided. PLEASE REMEMBER, THIS IS SUMMER LEAGUE BASKETBALL, NOT THE STATE TOURNAMENT…JUST ENJOY THE CAMARADERIE. Final arrangements concerning game times and schedules will be mailed out ASAP. If you need any special arrangements (play early or late) let me know and I will try to accommodate your team.


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